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[Junho’s words on the Banana Flavoured Milk model contest] The reason I smile? – What makes me happy? When we were at school, my friends and I used get one each and drink during break time. During the hard trainee days to become a singer, a bottle of banana flavoured milk would make me happy. Even now, the banana flavoured milk given by my fans after schedule brings a smile to my face. A bottle of banana flavoured milk brings back my childhood memories from time to time. The reason of entering this co test myself is also for the love of this drink. So I took the pictures to show the meaning of how much happiness the banana flavoured milk brings to me. How do you like it? – What makes me smile? On ‘before’ I’m just smiling. Why am I smiling? You find out why on ‘after’. Oh, that’s why. It’s not just a plain smile, it’s a smile with meaning. I wanted to bring out the curiosity of what is making me smile and why, and that it is because of the banana flavoured milk. I repeatedly took the pictures and erased them on the tripod but it was a very fun process. I felt… Ah, I must really like this milk. Isn’t it fun?ㅋㅋ

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