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Failed escape plan… The member who runs away first is…?

Q. You probably still cannot forget the emotions that flooded you during the Tokyo Dome concert, however do let us know your impressions of living the Tokyo Dome dream you’ve had since your début and achieving No. 1 with the LEGEND OF 2PM album.

Wooyoung: It’s been 2 years since our début in Japan, and as the things we’ve only dreamed of began to come true we were happy. When we had an opportunity to stand on the Tokyo Dome stage and achieve no. 1 on charts… Along with the happiness there came greed and desire to go even higher. I think that the six of us have to try even harder for our fans who made our dream come true and for the staff members who supported us.

Q. And your new song GIVE ME LOVE was released.

Junho: The concept of this song is love, fate and destiny, but we’ve tried to display an even manlier 2PM. This song also has a choreography that displays six men moving like one, so it would be great if you could pay attention to that.

Nichkhun: Please take note of the shadow dance!

Junho: Also, there’s an episode in the music video where I mimic firing a gun… That’s also a point!

Q. There will be a lot of people whose hearts will be pierced because of Junho through the screen, don’t you think?

Junho: Haha, if so I’d be glad. Actually, I got the idea while we were filming the music video, so I simply did an adlib out of the blue.

Chansung: I thought it fit really well, because there was a sound effect that resembled a gunshot.

Taecyeon: I didn’t know Junho did that ad-lib, because I was dancing in the back during the filming. So when I watched the Music Video for the first time, I was like: Oh so that’s what you did back then lol.

Q. Taecyeon, did you have a kind of reaction when you watched the video too?

Taecyeon: (immediately) No! lol I’m a man, you know!

Chansung: Also this song has a lot of parts that repeat themselves, so there are at least 3 different sets of order. So you can experience the climax in many ways and I think it’s easy to memorize it at once.

Nichkhun: The melody just keeps ringing in your head.

Jun. K: What is more, we’re taking the images of spies for this song.

Chansung: The outfit also adds up to the entire spy image.

Taecyeon: During the intro and outro we stand in one line, and we make the move to avoid lasers; you know how (in movies) thieves always try to hide and avoid lasers? That’s the image we tried to convey.

Q. If you were really to find yourself in that kind of situation, you think you would be able to avoid it immediately?

Chansung: (immediately) Not me~

Q. Who’s the member with the best reflexes?

Taecyeon: Wooyoung. His body is really flexible too.

Wooyoung: Is that so? I’ll work hard on it!

Q. So who would be the fastest if you had to flee?

Wooyoung: (everyone’s stealing their glances at Wooyoung) I don’t have any escaping experience, so I wouldn’t know lol

Nichkhun: Wouldn’t that be Junho?

Junho: I also haven’t run away from anything, so I don’t know.

Taecyeon: Lies lol You two wanted to run away once when we had to work.

Chansung: Right.

Junho: Wooyoungie and me back then right before getting into the car yelled “Run away!” and dashed off, but we were caught at once lol.

Q. So the attempt failed. Have you made the plan to run away together?

Junho: I thought it would be great to have a walk after having a meal. We rarely have a chance to walk around freely in Japan, so I just didn’t want to go back to the hotel just like that, it was a pity.

Wooyoung: However, our escape plan ended in a ridiculous way lol.

Junho: I just wanted to breathe the outside air at least for a little while…

The most bashful member is…? It just looks like I’m overreacting for nothing, because I’m shy

Q. So if by any chance you were given some time for a walk, where would you go?

Junho: Anywhere where I can walk on foot lol

Jun. K: I would like to take a walk around Jiyugaoka streets, because I like the atmosphere there. Now the season’s really beautiful and green, so I think I would be in great spirits if I took a walk there.

Q. Did you film the music video for GIVE ME LOVE in a completely empty desert-like place?

Junho: There’s a flatland near seaside in Korea called Buan, and the place is completely empty. It looks like we’re fluttering in a strong wind beneath hot sun, but we filmed it in winter and it was really hard, because the wind was extremely cold.

Q. But when you watch the video, on the contrary, you can feel the smelting sun…

Everyone: Absolutely not lol

Chansung: We just worked hard filming it.

Q. As expected from professionals.

Junho: But if you take a look at the video before the editing, you will see runny noses… lol

Chansung: Everyone was trying really hard to keep the form, but once the director would say “Cut!”, everyone was like “Argh, cold~~ Please give us jackets” lol.

Q. So you managed to finish the hard filming successfully. Also, the coupling song FALLING IN LOVE was composed by Jun. K.

Jun. K: The melody popped up first so I recorded the raw melody first, then I started working on the actual song. While making it I suddenly thought of the words “Falling in Love” so I matched it up with the song and as I listened to it I thought, let’s make a song that makes one happy very naturally and that suits summer, and that’s how I completed it.

Nichkhun: I heard the song right next to Jun.K as he was making it and I thought “It‘s a good song~“

Jun.K: I‘m pretty sure I first recorded this song two years ago when the melody popped up while at the Thai concert waiting room and I think it was Taecyeon next to me…

Taecyeon: Is that right? Jun.K always uses his spare time to make songs. At first he suddenly started singing inside the waiting room and I was like, what‘s going on, but now I‘m like, oh~ he‘s doing that again~ and stopped being bothered by it lol So I don‘t really remember that time lol But when I heard the proper final song for the first time I was a little surprised. Jun.K‘s songs always had an image of something grand but this song was full of shiny and refreshing sounds expressing someone in love so it was very new.

Junho: You should listen to it during a summer date!

Jun.K: Or during a drive.

Nichkhun: It‘d be good to listen to it in a car on the way to the ocean~

Junho: I want to go to Okinawa!

Taecyeon: Wanna go!!!

Q. Now that we‘ve entered the delusional mode, let‘s change the topic lol There‘s a part in the lyrics that goes DON‘T BE SHY in GIVE ME LOVE, so who is the shyest person out of the members?

Wooyoung: Junho.

Chansung: Me also Junho. By chance, I was looking at him from behind during his commentary recording by himself and his face turned bright red so I thought, Oh~ He‘s feeling shy~

Junho: I‘m always surrounded by the members so when I‘m alone I feel anxious and lonely.

Wooyoung: That‘s cute lol

Junho: I think Wooyoung is the shy one. Especially when in front of women.

Wooyoung: Because I get nervous.

Jun.K: Both of them are very shy.

Taecyeon: Hey, I‘m the shy one.

Everyone: (Sudden silence) What!? Not even!? (Bursts out into laughter)

Chansung: Taecyeon is the one who has absolutely no relevance with being shy lol

Nichkhun: He has a loud voice, too.

Jun.K: And overtly big actions lol

Taecyeon: You all don‘t know about me lol It just looks like I’m overreacting for nothing, because I’m shy…

Chansung: He can‘t stand the silence. If there‘s even a slight bit of silence he would start moving around.

Jun.K: That‘s right.

Chansung: In good words, Taecyeon is a pure person.

Jun.K: He has a heart of a child who always tries to fill up something lol

Q. So Taecyeon is the purest person out of all the members?

Everyone: Yup. Correct!

Nichkhun: The person who is most like a child is also Taecyeon lol

If asking someone out, what kind of situation is it…!?

Q. If you guys were to ask someone that you like out, in what kind of situation and method would you choose to do so?

Wooyoung: I think I‘ll just get straight to the point and say “I like you“. Regardless of venue, it can be anywhere if there‘s something I want to tell that person.

Junho: What a man~!

Taecyeon: Throwing a straight ball!

Q. What about Junho?

Junho: I don‘t really know how I should do it.

Nichkhun: He‘s a shy one lol

Junho: But I think we‘ll end up meeting very often just naturally.

Q. You‘re not the type that falls in love at first sight?

Junho: I do fall in love at first sight, but since I can‘t say that, I‘ll just meet up a few times and naturally create a relationship between the two of us. Because even though I can be a man and tell her my feelings, it can put a pressure on that person.

Q. What do you mean by taking into consideration the other person‘s feelings?

Junho: Wouldn‘t I look like a clown going “I like you I like you” all the time, even if the other person has no interest in me?

Everyone: lol

Q. Wooyoung, are you the type who falls in love at first sight?

Wooyoung: No. I don’t fall for a person at first sight.

Q. What about Chansung?

Chansung: I’m also not the type to fall it love at first sight, I’m a very headstrong type.

Junho: If he grows to like someone, he just pushes at it, and push, push, push, push!

Taecyeon: Just like a dumper truck lol

Chansung: That’s not a good image.

Taecyeon: No, I mean it in a good way, like, tough!

Junho: I’m jealous of Chansung’s toughness!

Chansung: I would confess only after we have learned a lot about each other, and when I am sure that both of us feel the same. On the contrary, if the other person considers me only a friend, then I would not confess my feelings. That is so, because I would not want to destroy the long-lasting relationship and I would want to continue having that person for a friend.

Taecyeon: Then you’re totally not like a dumper truck! Because a dumper truck kind of person keeps on pushing just saying “I like you!” even if the other person doesn’t like him.

Chansung: I didn’t say I was like a dumper truck in the first place. You said it yourself on your own lol.

Taecyeon: No. It was Junho who mentioned it first lol.

Jun. K: That’s the point; Taecyeon is that kind of a kid, very pure.

Taecyeon: Then how would you confess your feelings, Mr. Jun. K?

Jun. K: If I really like a person, I can’t confess. I have confessed once before, and before that I convinced myself that I must express my feelings today, but once I stood in front of the person I liked, I couldn’t say a thing so…

Chansung: Then how long are you going to wait until the words come out (laughs)? Take into consideration the other person who’s waiting as well.

Jun. K: I’m thinking about it, I guess the timing of the confession and the overall situation is really important.

Chansung: You’re so frustrating!

Jun. K: I’m a romantic! I think such things as events are important, and I also care about the overall performance in order to leave a great impact on the other person while confessing.

Junho: I guess Jun. K hyung is going to be the one turning into a dumper truck lol.

Q: So Jun. K is also a shy person. What about Nichkhun then?

Nichkhun: I also rarely can confess my feelings straight away, but the next time I do it, I’d like to confess with a sweet song. Then I’d like to sing “Falling in Love”.

Jun. K: Perfect!!

Everyone: Amazing! (applause)

If the group can grow into something bigger when we express the things we acquire on our own through 2PM…

Q. Then Taecyeon…

Taecyeon: (thinks seriously for a while)

Wooyoung: Tell us the truth! (laughs)

Junho: Taecyeonie hyung will definitely have a meticulous plan.

Taecyeon: If I find a woman I like, I will have several dates.

Jun. K: Jealous!

Wooyoung: As expected, Taecyeonie hyung is amazing.

Chansung: Because Taecyeonie hyung is admirable and popular lol.

Taecyeon: (ignores the nagging members) Dates with meals and movie watching happen all the time, but they don’t surpass a certain level.

Everyone: WOW!!!

Taecyeon: Sometimes, if time passes without any progress, the girl would even ask something like “What is our relationship really?”.

Nichkhun: (in a female voice) Oppa, what are we really?

Taecyeon: Then I would take her both hands…

Jun. K: and hug her saying “I will take care of you”…

Taecyeon: Why are you saying this first lol

Junho: Have you read this manual in romance novels? Lol

Jun. K: It’s something I tried 7 years ago (laughs).

Junho: Cheap!

Chansung: They don’t even use that for a drama or movie material now (laughs).

Taecyeon: Also (keeps on talking without hesitation) inside the car trunk…

Nichkhun: You’d fill it with balloons of course!

Taecyeon: How’d you know?

Jun. K: It’s not even a drama from the 80’s come on (dies laughing).

Taecyeon: And I would also hang a ring there and…

Junho: And you would lose it all in the end with the balloons flying far away (laughs).

Nichkhun: How original~

Taecyeon: No! Right when the balloons are about to fly away, I would catch them and say “Here, it’s a gift for you” giving it to her. And when she would see the ring hanging on the balloons’ string, she would be so touched she’d cry rivers…

Junho: But if they were to fly away all at once, no one would know what the balloons are all about (laughs).

Taecyeon: That’s because they allow only one balloon to fly off in dramas lol. Why are you all so bad at romantic stuff?

Wooyoung: It’s not that we’re not romantic; it’s just too far off from the real life.

Chansung: But if someone really gets to experience that in real life, she’d be happy. You could feel the sincerity. But I wouldn’t do that (laughs).

Jun. K: Taecyeonie is really pure.

Q. It would be great if such a situation would be recreated in a 2PM music video some time later on.

Taecyeon: Of course!

Junho: No, we can’t do that.

Q. Finally, 2PM’s dream of performing in Tokyo Dome has come true. What is your next dream?

Junho: I’d like to perform in a stadium.

Chansung: I’d like to achieve No. 1 on charts for half a year straight. Because they say you have to dream big!

Jun. K: I want to sustain our current popularity level, and develop 2PM further as a group.

Nichkhun: I want to keep on performing with these group members even in our 30s and 40s just like SMAP.

Wooyoung: Everything the four people mentioned before me (laughs). But I think that in order to fulfill these dreams from now on we have to try even harder.

Taecyeon: Everyone has mentioned it already… but this summer Junho’s making a solo debut in Japan!

Everyone: (applause)

Taecyeon: I wish each of us were active not only as 2PM, but also through our solo activities related to music, drama, movies, variety and so on. And I think it would be great if 2PM could grow into something big when we express through the band the things we acquire individually during our solo activities.